Mountable (MV02)
Mountable (MV02)
Mountable (MV02)
Mountable (MV02)

Mountable (MV02)

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The MV02 is our mountable unit. Attach it to a work table, your bumper, or even a wall for easy access wherever you need it. It's perfect for mechanics, plumbers, and welders who need it in their shop or attached to their work vehicle. 

Intended for use with wrenches up to 14" in length.


Minimum: 3/8" OD Pipe.

Maximum: 2.375" OD Pipe.


-Patent pending spring-loaded Double V jaws rapidly adjust to
 any pipe size within capacity in seconds.
-All steel construction weighing in at 3.12lbs.
-Quick change jaws allow for replacement of top and bottom
  jaws in under 5 minutes with basic tools.
-Heavy duty mounting bracket.


-Assembly and pre-fabrication of pipe, fittings, and valves.
-Medium duty disassembly.
-Perfect for mounting to trucks, trailers, and service carts.


Available in red or yellow.

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